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Available Resources

Need help to better understand the NPHPSP instruments and the process? Various products and resources are available to assist you.

NPHPSP Assessment Instruments can be downloaded from any of the seven partner websites.

  • General Resources are available from the CDC
  • Glossary - explains the terminology and acronyms used within the three instruments
  • Users' Guide - a document on how to use the NPHPSP instruments
  • Frequently Asked Questions - provides the answers to many of your questions.
  • Power Point Presentation - assists public health leaders in educating others about the NPHPSP assessment process.
  • MAPP - a community strategic planning process that includes the NPHPSP local instrument - and guides communities through a health improvement process.
  • News Articles/Op-Eds - APHA has released numerous articles about the NPHPSP.