Available Resources

Need help to better understand the NPHPSP instruments and the process? Various products and resources are available to assist you.


  • NPHPSP Assessment Instruments can be downloaded from any website of the seven partners.
  • Glossary- explains the terminology and acronyms used within the three instruments.
  • Users' Guide a document on how to use the NPHPSP instruments.
  • Frequently Asked Questions- provides the answers to many of your questions.
  • Power Point Presentation- assists public health leaders in educating others about the NPHPSP assessment process.
  • MAPP - a community strategic planning process that includes the NPHPSP local instrument - and guides communities through a health improvement process. Online at www.naccho.org.
  • News Articles/Op-Eds - APHA has released numerous articles about the NPHPSP.
  • Periodic Teleconferences - partners host periodic teleconferences to discuss implementation strategies and quality improvement efforts.
  • Training Workshops - partners host an annual training workshop for interested parties.

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