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Accreditation of public health agencies emphasizes quality improvement in public health practice.

APHA Partners with Local Affiliates to Advance Accreditation

APHA recognizes the importance of public health quality, and the achievement of standards for health departments that ultimately improve leadership and enhance the public’s health.  APHA has been at the forefront of public health quality and recognizes the unique and critical role that Affiliates have in informing the accreditation process in state, local and tribal communities.

In 2011, APHA awarded funding to eight Affiliates to enhance the quality of public health in local communities through a collaboration  between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and APHA’s Center for Professional Development, Public Health Systems and Partnership; and Affiliate Affairs. Affiliates awarded funding disseminated resources developed and lessons learned via APHA’s online community and CDC’s partnership network. 

For more information regarding the Affiliate Affairs Mini-Grants, please read this summary.

The Public Health Accreditation Board was established in 2006 and incorporated in May of 2007 as a non-profit organization to promote and manage the national accreditation program for public health agencies.

  • The Accreditation Coalition was created:
  • to help ensure the success of the accreditation effort and to provide continuity and ongoing guidance;
  • to promote national accreditation efforts of public health agencies; and
  • to advance a national public health agency accreditation program that will strengthen and improve the quality and departments by providing a forum for public health stakeholder organizations to address and coordinate activities.

Dr. Kaye Bender is the current President and CEO of PHAB.

What's New

Congratulations to the first-ever accredited health agencies:

Comanche County Health Department (Lawton, Okla.) Franklin County Health Department (Frankfort, Ky.) Livingston County Department of Health (Mt. Morris, N.Y.) Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department (Edgewood, Ky.)
Oklahoma City-County Health Department (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma State Department of Health (Oklahoma City) Spokane Regional Health District (Spokane, Wash.)
The Public Health Authority of Cabarrus County, Inc. d/b/a Cabarrus Health Alliance (Kannapolis, N.C.)
Three Rivers District Health Department (Owenton, Ky.) Washington State Department of Health (Olympia, Wash.) West Allis Health Department (West Allis, Wisc.)

For additional information, visit the PHAB website.

For more information about:

  • Several specific evaluative programs such as Project Public Health Ready;
  • Certification of schools and programs that educate public health students through the Council of Education for Public Health;

  • Certification of graduate trained public health practioners by the Board of Public Health Examiners; contact: 

Karlene Baddy, MEd
Director, Public Health Systems and Partnerships
Center for Professional Development Public Health Systems and Partnerships
202-777-2530 (fax)