Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange

The Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX) is an online community designed to be a communication hub for public health professionals interested in learning and sharing information about quality improvement in public health. PHQIX launched in September 2012 with the goal of sustaining national efforts at QI by providing public health practitioners with a means for obtaining knowledge from the experience of their colleagues.

The purpose of the PHQIX is to amplify information learned through QI initiatives an facilitate increased use of QI in public health practice. The exchange includes:

  • An online database of QI efforts conducted by governmental public health departments across the country;
  • Search and query functions to enable users to find interventions and tools relevant to their own health department and community needs; and
  • A forum for dialogue and learning among the site's users.

If you are seeking QI knowledge or would like to impart your knowledge to others who may be interested in your QI initiative(s), please take a brief moment to register today and become a member of the PHQIX community.

PHQIX was created by RTI International and is funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.