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Toolkit for Intervention of Overweight Children and Adolescents

Tools for Parents, Teachers, Students, and Community Leaders to Eliminate Overweight Children and Adolescents.

This toolkit is based on a paper completed by Teresa Kim during her internship at the American Public Health Association, Scientific and Professional Affairs.

NOTE: The term “obesity” is commonly used to classify adults (ages 21 and over), and the term “overweight” is commonly used to classify children and adolescents (ages 2-20).

Overweight and obesity is one of the most serious health concerns facing our nation. Before a new generation of kids inherits the dangerous consequences of poor diet and physical inactivity, we must act now to stop the epidemic. The purpose of this toolkit is to summarize and present basic information for parents, teachers, students, and community leaders to use to prevent and control childhood overweight and obesity. Citations and resources are listed for those users who wish more comprehensive and current information. Although the toolkit provides action-oriented solutions to the childhood obesity problem, your own community’s unique needs and resources will ultimately dictate the direction of intervention efforts. Good luck!

Inside the Toolkit