Another one of APHA's key functions is to improve public health science, public health practice, and public health leadership by establishing and maintaining partnerships and working relationships with other agencies and organizations.

These partnerships take many forms such as financial contributions, joint projects, coalitions and organizations with which we share a mission. Especially significant are current partnerships and  projects with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Pfizer Public Health Group and the National Highway Safety Administration.

Financial Partners
APHA is fortunate to have partners who contribute financially to the success of our programs and activities. This support comes in a variety of ways, direct grants for projects and initiatives, general support for events such as National Public Health Week and sponsorship at the Annual Meeting.

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Key Coalitions
APHA both leads and is a partner in a variety of coalitions to support access to care, eliminating health disparities and improving the public health infrastructure. Work is done in such key areas as tobacco control, covering the uninsured, and public health funding.

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Organizational Partners
APHA is fortunate to work with a variety of public and private organizations to advance the public's health. This includes both leading public health and disaster or relief organizations as well as organizations whose focus is quite different but support an important initiative or strategic goal such as covering the uninsured.

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