2010 National Public Health Week

NPHW 2010 logo

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has a broad vision to make America the healthiest nation in one generation. During NPHW 2010, “A Healthier America: One Community at a Time” focused on the special role that communities play in building a healthier America and invited partners to champion public health by making healthy changes – big and small – in their families, individual neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.

APHA recognized that strong, healthy communities are dependent on strong public health systems across the country, and encouraged partners to begin by thinking with ‘YOUR’ community. The solution to our nation’s large, complex public health challenge is to think – and act – locally.

During NPHW 2010, partners were encouraged to “start small, think big” and highlighted what matters most by observing the daily themes:


  • Monday: A Healthier America and YOU – The impact your health has on your community.
  • Tuesday: Your Community – The impact your community’s health has on the nation.
  • Wednesday: Your School – How education and school policies can improve students’ health.
  • Thursday: Your Workplace – How healthy employees and healthy businesses can effect real change.
  • Friday: Your Nation – How the nation’s health is dependent upon all individuals and communities.

NPHW 2010 also marked the first Annul National Public Health Week Student Day, and helped to initiate a long term goal of student engagement throughout the week. Working in collaboration with the APHA Student Assembly, it was our goal to promote public health education on school campuses and local communities throughout the nation.

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