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Obtaining CE Credit for Program Activities

APHA Continuing Education Application Process

Welcome to working with APHA for the purpose of awarding CE credits to the participating learners during your Program/Activity. APHA is accredited to provide CE for health educators and physicians*, those certified in public health, and, for nursing, the accreditation has been given jointly to APHA and its Public Health Nursing Section.


Awarding CE credits is a process that requires documentation. APHA has tried to simplify the process by developing a set of documents and forms that offer explanations and guidance.


Steps for working with APHA as an accredited provider or approver of continuing education credit:


Step 1:  Contact Annette Ferebee at 202-777-2521 to conduct an initial discussion concerning your request for continuing education services.

Step 2:  Complete the Applicant Eligibility Form and return it to Annette Ferebee.

Step 3: If eligible, APHA will provide the Full Application for the organization to complete. COMPLETE application must be received at LEAST 60 days in advance of the activity to be reviewed.

Step 4: Application will be assigned to the appropriate discipline reviewer and a decision will be made (i.e., approval, denial, more information necessary).

Step 5: If additional information is required, APHA will work with the organization to bring the application into compliance.


Step 6: If application is approved, marketing of the activity with accreditation statements can begin.


Step 7: APHA will work with the organization to upload the activity onto the online CE Evaluation system, and an invoice for services will be generated.


Step 8: Once the activity has taken place and the online evaluation system has been closed, APHA will generate evaluation reports from the online system and send them to the organization along with the Final Report Form to be completed.


Step 9: Final Report and invoice need to be submitted within 90 days of the activity.


Your organization must have a written notice of final approval/acceptance by APHA before the day of the program/activity in order for APHA to award/approve CE credits.  


APHA offers technical and expert assistance throughout the process.  


Please contact Annette Ferebee, Director, Center for Professional Development, Public Health Systems & Partnerships, at 202-777-2521 or via email if you have any questions or need additional information. 

* ANCC recognizes the term "co-providing" to denote an accredited provider working with a non-accredited provider to offer continuing education credits, whereas ACCME uses the term joint sponsorship to denote the same relationship.