Center for Professional Development, Public Health Systems & Partnerships

The Center for Professional Development, Public Health Systems and Partnerships is an integrated department within the Health Policy and Practice Division of the American Public Health Association (APHA). It is committed to promoting the well-being and education of local, state, national and global residents of world. The Center seeks to do so with the following goals:

  • To educate the public health workforce by enhancing their competence and skills in public health practice.
  • To provide managerial, programmatic, and technical support to local, state, federal and international organizations involved in the delivery and evaluation of public health services.
  • To improve public health science, public health practice, and public health leadership by establishing and maintaining partnerships and working relationships with other agencies and organizations.

Professional Development
Professional DevelopmentAPHA is committed to providing educational opportunities and  continuing education for public health professionals and those interested in public health. APHA seeks to maintain and enhance professional knowledge, increase technical proficiencies and enable members to promote public health.


Global Health
Global HealthAPHA has had a long-standing commitment to global health and was one of the first US non-governmental organizations to become involved in this field. APHA's membership includes a strong International Health section. The organization as a whole supports the vision of a healthy global society. 
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Quality Improvement
Quality ImprovementAPHA has been advancing quality improvement in both health care delivery and public health and has been in the forefront of ensuring quality in public health systems through its texts regarding standards, education programs, and policies that promote quality improvement in a range of public health systems. 


Public Health Practice and Prevention
Volunteer carries foodAPHA works collaboratively to provide science-based programs and initiatives that educate and build public health capacity at an individual, institutional and community level. The Center's diverse portfolio includes programs focusing on injury and violence prevention, maternal and child health, and chronic disease.