Performance Measurement for Public Health Policy

APHA and the Public Health Foundation (PHF) have worked collaboratively to develop this tool to help health departments and their partners assess and improve the performance of their policy activities. While other performance measurement and evaluation guides exist, this is the first tool to focus explicitly on performance measurement for public health policy.


The first section of the tool gives a brief overview of the role of health departments in public health policy, followed by an introduction to performance measurement within the context of performance management. It also includes a framework for conceptualizing the goals and activities of policy work in a health department. The second section of the tool consists of tables with examples of activities that a health department might engage in and sample measures and outcomes for these activities. The final section provides three examples of how a health department might apply performance measurement and the sample measures to assess its policy activities. Download the tool. Download the template that health departments can fill-in with their own activities and measures.


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