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APHA’s success is rooted in the dedication and passion of its members and countless other individuals, agencies and foundations who are concerned about improving and protecting the nation’s health. The Association collaborates with many organizations to advance issues across the public health spectrum: from investing in prevention research, to training public health workers and increasing traffic safety to building preparedness, improving global health and accrediting public health services. APHA is committed to building a healthier nation in one generation.


Programs of note include activities during National Public Health Week in April, a Maternal and Child Health Institute, Global Health activities and a myriad of other programs and partnerships.


In 2011, APHA established the Center for Professional Development, Public Health Systems and Partnerships. The Center brings together several programs that intersect to educate, inform and communicate with the public health work force. The mission of the Center is to promote strong health systems and public health research, here and abroad. The center's programs and activities are based on the premises that globalization has altered the landscape of health and that the public health work force is the backbone of health systems. For societies across the globe to be able to protect, treat and care for populations, APHA must promote knowledge about work force and organizational performance, education, regulation, accreditation and migration. APHA must use learning to build knowledge, promote communities of practice and develop future leaders.


Visit the STLT Gateway: A CDC Website for state, tribal, local, and territorial public health professionals.