Professional Development

APHA strengthens the public health profession.

Our professional development activities include Public Health CareerMart, where job seekers and hiring employers come together.

We offer continuing education, mentoring, internships and fellowships and many other opportunities for you to learn more about public health and hone your skills.

Find out how APHA can help you.

And check out the American Journal of Public Health "Ten Things I wish Someone Had Told Me When I Became a Health Officer" by CDC Director Thomas Frieden:

(1) Get good data and ensure timely and effective dissemination.

(2) Prioritize and tackle more difficult initiatives first. 

(3) Find, fight, and win winnable battles in areas where progress is possible but not ensured without focused, strategic effort. 

(4) Support and hire great people and protect them so they can do their jobs.

(5) Address communicable diseases and environmental health effectively. 

(6) Do not cede the clinical realm — public health programs depend on clinical care and on effective coordination between health care and public health.

(7) Learn and manage the budget cycle. 

(8) Manage the context.

(9) Never surprise your boss. 

(10) Follow core principles.