Policy Statement Development Process

The policy statement development process is how APHA addresses external policy matters. It is intended solely to develop recommendations for the policy guidance of others.

These guidelines, adopted by the Governing Council, are to give direction to the Association's policy statement development process by setting forth principles to govern, and outlining procedures to guide, the coordinated participation of all parties. The Executive Board is charged to monitor operation of the policy statement development process, to assure adherence to the principles set forth here and to report any procedural modifications adopted to facilitate the development of more valid public policy for APHA. The Joint Policy Committee is charged with overseeing the annual policy statement development process. For more information about the policy statement development process, please email us.

For more information, check out the Policy Statement Development Process Policies and Procedures (PDF) - updated Annual Meeting 2013

2016 Policy Statement Development Process News:

APHA accepted 17 policy statement proposals for the 2016 cycle. APHA's Science Board and Joint Policy Committee met April 27-29 to discuss the proposals and make initial assessments. These reviews have been shared with the proposal authors, who now have the opportunity to revise their proposals and submit by August 17 for further review by the JPC. For more information on the current status of the proposed policy statements, visit the Policy Statement Proposals page (you must be logged in using your member ID and password to view this page).  

APHA’s Action Board has proposed reviewing policy statements from 1967-1968 for potential archiving this year. Thank you to all of the members who submitted feedback on the 31 policy statements up for review. For more information on the 2016 archiving process, visit the Policy Statement Review and Archiving Process page (you must be logged in using your member ID and password to view this page).

Other Policy Statement Development Resources: