APHA-SA: Get Involved

  As an involved member of APHA-SA, you can:

  • Read and submit articles to the AJPH Forum, a joint project of the Student Assembly and AJPH Editorial Board.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills by participating as a member or chair of a APHA-SA Committee.
  • Run for an available APHA board position.
  • Participate in the National Mentoring Program (NMP), which matches APHA-SA students with professionals.
  • Get involved in APHA-SA's programs, initiatives and advocacy.
  • Access regional employer listings as well as fellowship, job, and internship opportunities through APHA-SA's Public Health Student Opportunities (PHSO) website.
  • Receive e-mail action alerts about student issues and public and health-related policy through our email listserv.
  • Read and submit articles to News & Views, APHA-SA's quarterly newsletter.
  • Assist APHA-SA in securing financial and in-kind support to develop and maintain current and future programs and initiatives.
  • Network with peers across the country.
  • Support public health initiatives through our advocacy avenues.
  • Get published - take advantage of APHA's membership opportunities to submit to their renowned books and journals. 
  • Become a member and learn more about membership benefits today!

The APHA Student Assembly welcomes your involvement! We need an active membership and committed Committee members and chairs, which are open to anyone who is a APHA-SA member. If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, please e-mail the appropriate committee chair or the Nominations Committee Chair.

How else can you get involved in APHA?

Students can also get involved in APHA outside of the Student Assembly. We encourage you to contact the leadership of your section, special interest group, or caucus leadership to inquire about opportunities for student involvement. Learn more about each of APHA's sections, special interest groups, and caucuses!

Students can also become involved in their state affiliates as well. Many state affiliates have annual conferences and much more for students. Click here to find your state affiliate and join today!

Thanks for helping APHA-SA make a difference!