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About Alex Bryan


Involvement in APHA-SA: Development Committee Chair (2011-2012); Affiliate Liaison Sub-Committee Chair (2012); Chair-Elect (2012-2013); Chair (2013-2014)

School: Thomas Jefferson University

Department: Jefferson School of Population Health, Jefferson Medical College

Degree Program: MPH, 2014; MD, 2016

Practice/Research Interests: Primary care restructuring, health care reform, health policy.

Plans after school: I am hoping that, along with my medical training, my public health background will allow me to become involved with healthcare at the population health level as well as being a clinician.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA: Being involved with the Student Assembly of APHA has been an absolutely amazing experience during my time studying public health and medicine. As a leadership experience, it has been totally unique, giving me skills that I never would have otherwise had the chance to practice and develop. It was also a great way to meet and work with other students across the country who are passionate about public health and actively involved as student leaders in the field. Because of the broad national, even global, nature of public health and the issues it addresses, I was very happy to have this chance to learn how to work on a national level with students who share my interests. It also gave me the chance to work with students across health disciplines, because public health really touches all aspects of healthcare and its policies and administration. I would encourage anyone with an interest in public health to use the opportunities that Student Assembly provides, whether it be for finding new opportunities in the field as pre-professionals, or networking and collaborating across the country as we learn how to be more effective agents of public health.

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