Brittny Wells, MEd, CHES

Involvement in APHA-SA: Treasurer-elect (2013-Present), Campus Liaison Subcommittee Co-Chair (2012-Present)

School: Florida A&M University

Department: Institute of Public Health

Degree Program: Doctor of Public Health in behavioral science and health education

Practice/Research Interests: Women’s health, health education in non-traditional settings, health education training

Other Leadership Activities:
Miss Institute of Public Health (2012-2013), Vice-President of FAMU Future Public Health Professionals (2011-2012), and Florida State Representative of the National Black Graduate Student Association (2012)

Plans after school: Upon completion of my DrPH degree in spring 2015, I plan to work as director of administration for a state health organization while pursuing the business venture of a full-service beauty salon that provides primary preventive care services.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA: My interest in taking a leadership position with the APHA-SA peaked during my experience at the 2011 APHA Annual Meeting. During my poster presentation, I was able to meet other students with similar research and career goals who were among the current APHA-SA leadership. As a current doctoral student and leader on campus, I believe it is imperative that I represent FAMU at the national level as an active Student Assembly member and leader. So far, it has been a great pleasure to serve as APHA-SA Campus Liaison subcommittee co-chair, and I feel that active participation among the APHA-SA executive board is a mutually beneficial relationship, as you are given the opportunity to be an asset to this organization while learning tools that will be carried throughout your career as a future leader in the field of public health. Public health is part of everything that we do, and we all have a responsibility to do our part in preventing the onset and spread of poor health outcomes. Join the APHA-SA and exercise and perfect your leadership skills in preparation to take on the larger challenge set before us!

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