APHA-SA: Biosketch Irene Reyes

APHA-SA: Biosketch Irene Reyes

Involvement in APHA-SA: National Public Health Week Co-Chair (Nov 2013-Present)

School: University of North Texas Health Science Center

Department: Behavioral and Community Health

Degree Program: Master of Public Health

Practice/Research Interests: Adolescent health, sexual health behavior, reproductive health, Latino population, teenage pregnancy prevention

Other Leadership Activities: Summer Intern at The Concilio (2013)

Plans after school: Upon completion of my MPH in Behavioral & Community Health, I hope to transition into a DrPH in Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences in order to expand my tool kit as a public health professional. I will continue building relationships and as a servant leader engage in practical experiences associated with adolescent behavior and reproductive health.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA: I had no intention of becoming involved in leadership my first year of graduate studies because I wanted to focus on the transition into a rigorous level of coursework. Despite my past leadership experience I wanted a break from the responsibilities; however, you can run but you cannot hide from an innate calling or gift of leadership. During my first public health summer internship, little did I know that I was interning alongside (in my opinion) the queen of APHA-SA. She informed me of APHA-SA and the upcoming call for nominations. I decided to apply knowing that I was ready to dedicate my time and attention towards the Student Assembly. After attending my first annual APHA meeting, I am convinced this is the best organization that exists for influencing global health and strengthening communities. The networking, influences, education, and empowerment that I received in a few days at the annual meeting assure me of the year-round efforts of such an intricate organization. I look forward to further growth with such an outstanding and solid group. Additionally, I encourage every student to take part in APHA-SA through various opportunities listed on our Get Involved page.

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