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APHA-SA: Affiliate Liaison Sub-Committee

Affiliate Liaison Sub-Committee Chair: Shailesh Advani

Mission Statement:

As students complete their public health education and seek to launch their careers, APHA’s state affiliates can be invaluable resources in terms of providing students with local connections and opportunities. The Affiliate Liaison sub-committee seeks to improve coordination between APHA’s national Student Assembly and APHA’s local affiliate student groups through student Affiliate Liaisons by: (1) increasing Student Assembly awareness of affiliates’ student activities; (2) increasing student affiliate awareness of and involvement in national APHA programs (e.g. PHACT, NPHW, National Student Meeting etc.)


1. Increase Student Assembly awareness of Affiliates

  • In coordination with Student Assembly’s Newsletter Committee, Affiliate Liaisons can submit articles to the Student Assembly body describing their local student activities to encourage Student Assembly members in the region to join their state affiliate.

2. Increase student Affiliate awareness of and involvement in national APHA student programs.

  • The Affiliate Liaison Sub-Committee Chair will send along messages to Affiliate Liaisons from Student Assembly’s Action, Advancement, Membership and Nominations Committees to be specifically included in messages to student affiliate members, and incorporated further in affiliate student activities as Affiliate Liaisons see fit.

How to Get Involved:

The Affiliate Liaison position can be filled by any student who is active in their local state affiliate, and is interested in maintaining a link between Student Assembly and their affiliate. Students must also be members of both their affiliate and APHA in order to hold this position within APHA’s Student Assembly.

If you are interested in acting as an APHA-SA Affiliate Liaison, please contact us at


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