APHA-SA: Nominations Committee

Committee Chair:  Renata Slayton

The purpose of the Nominations and Voting Committee is to ensure that the APHA Student Assembly (APHA-SA) continues to operate under responsible and strong leadership in order to maintain the integrity and health of the organization. The American Public Health Association Student Assembly strives to maintain a board representing the larger body of students in public health and other health-related disciplines. APHA-SA seeks at all times to maintain a board of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, demographic characteristics, geographic locals, viewpoints, and experience. All APHA-SA members are encouraged to apply for elected and appointed positions to the APHA-SA Board.

According to APHA-SA's bylaws, APHA-SA is governed, between meetings of its governing body, by an Executive Board composed of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, and Immediate Past Chair. Elections are held each year for the Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Elect, and Treasurer-Elect.

Officer Roles and Responsibilities:
The role of the Chair is to preside over the Executive Board and to be a liaison between the APHA-SA and various outside interests.

The Chair-Elect will chair the Executive Board in the absence of the Chair and will oversee all committees and internal APHA-SA operations.

The Secretary will chair the Communications Committee and be responsible for all administration and communication.

The Treasurer will chair the Finance Committee and will oversee the budget, fundraising, and accounts.

Candidacy Membership Requirements:
The Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Treasurer-Elect, and Secretary-Elect must be APHA-SA and APHA members at the close of nominations and must maintain active APHA member status during his/her term. All APHA student members are automatically APHA-SA members.

A call for nominations for all committees is sent out during the summer and closes mid-September. Co-Chair terms are 1 year starting on the last day of the Annual Meeting and ending on the last day of the following Annual Meeting

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