APHA-SA: Action Committee

Subcommittee Chairs: Hallie E. Pritchett  & Shahida Rice

The purpose of the Action Committee is to establish and advance community and policy progress in the sector of public health. We serve to connect members to available informational resources and opportunities.

Training materials for public health advocates:
• Establish an APHA action theme for each respective year: 2013’s theme is “Think National, Act Local: Implementing the PPACA in Our Own Way”
• Review draft & submit new policies to APHA on behalf of the Student Assembly
• Provide opportunities for public health action
• Maintain contact with campus liaisons to share news and solicit recommendations for current activities with members and officers.
• Educate the public health student community about public health action taking place locally, federally, and
• Empower public health advocates to connect and share their message
• Recognize and publicize action efforts implemented by students on campuses throughout the nation

Why Get Involved?
From building your own advocacy skills to joining national student efforts to advance healthcare quality, access and affordability, the Action Committee is your resource. If you are looking for a network of individuals who seek to advance a healthy global society or just want to learn more about the basics of public health action and policymaking, we are here for you!

Get Involved:
You tell us! What would help you and your organization/campus organize and advance your efforts in your committee? What resources do you need to empower your peers? How can we help you move your agenda forward?


Resources (all PDF's)

Advocacy 101
Goal Setting
Knowing Your Cause
Building Your Movement


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