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Regional campus liaisons serve as regional representatives for campus liaisons to the Student Assembly (SA) of American Public Health Association (APHA). Becoming a regional campus liaison is a great way for a student to get involved in the SA, and in doing so, develop leadership skills and foster relationships with other public health students in their region. This position will also provide students with a unique opportunity to become more cognizant of national student initiatives within the APHA. A regional liaison plays a key role in SA by helping recruit new campus liaisons in your region and disseminating information about SA and APHA to campus liaisons as well as students, faculty and administrators at colleges and universities in their region.


Roles and Responsibilities


Regional campus liaisons play an integral role in their region by advancing SA’s mission to enhance students’ educational experience and professional development by providing information, resources, and opportunities through communication, advocacy, and networking. Specifically, regional campus liaisons will:

1. Provide assistance to the APHA-SA Campus Liaison Sub-Committee Co-Chairs with the SA recruitment drive in their region through active communication with campus liaisons (CLs) in their region. APHA student membership recruitment drives are conducted in particular at the start of each semester and include, but are not limited to, such activities as:

  • Distributing SA brochures, flyers, and other materials to CLs in your region.
  • Presenting information to students at an orientation session or other campus event
  • Staffing an information table at orientation or other campus event to provide brochures and flyers and relay information about APHA and SA
  • Following up with interested students in case they have questions about APHA, the SA or a campus liaison position.        

2. Disseminate information throughout the year to campus liaisons and students at their respective regions about APHA-SA activities and initiatives by:

  • Providing updates to campus liaisons in their region about APHA-SA activities at meetings and via listservs
  • Posting and distributing fliers
  • Speaking at local and regional meetings such as regional APHA meetings or local affiliate meetings
  • Other methods deemed appropriate by student leaders   

3. Liaisons will remain in continual contact with campus liaisons in their region about APHA- SA and its activities. In addition, liaisons will be asked to attend monthly conference calls with CL Co-Chairs and quarterly calls with CLs in their region.


4. Regional liaisons will also help guide APHA-SA by providing feedback on how our organization can better serve public health students and students in other health-related disciplines.


5. Regional liaisons will also act as the CL for their academic institution.

The Campus Liaison Sub-Committee Co-Chairs will provide assistance to regional campus liaisons in all activities. Specifically the Campus Liaison Sub-Committee Co-Chairs will:

1. Provide a venue via listserv for all liaisons to:

  • Receive action alerts, flyers, announcements, etc. for dissemination to students
  • Share ideas and activities among liaisons to strengthen their role and ability to provide relevant information to students and to better serve as the campus representative to the SA  

2. Host quarterly conference calls to:

  • Relay the activities of the SA to liaisons
  • Provide liaisons the opportunity for sharing ideas and suggesting strategies for advancing APHA-SA and the campus liaison program
  • Highlight liaison activity at participating schools
  • Address any questions, comments or concerns    


 3.  Provide any materials, such as brochures, to assist regional liaisons.


The only requirements are that you be enrolled as a student at least part-time and be a member of APHA.

If you are interested in acting as an APHA-SA Regional Campus Liaison, contact Koffitse Atchon and Justin Yang, APHA-SA Campus Liaison Committee Co-Chairs, at

Update 03/25/2014