New announcements from the Student Assembly

New APHA Online Community: APHA Connect

We are excited to announce the launching of APHA's New Online Community, APHA Connect! Please visit and use your APHA ID and password to log in (same as you use to log in to the regular APHA website). As a Student Assembly member, you are automatically part of the Student Assembly group.

We are extremely excited about the launch of this new online community and we hope you enjoy all it has to offer! We will be posting opportunities for jobs, fellowships, and internships and other pertinent APHA‐SA information. Furthermore, we encourage you to use the discussion boards to discuss Hot Topics in Public Health such as the Affordable Care Act.

We have the following opportunities within the Student Assembly group :

  • News: post and view student‐related information and events
  • Participants: look for students with similar interests or who are in the same part of the country as you
  • Listserv: send and receive e‐mails to the entire Student Assembly
  • Calendar: view student‐related events
  • Library: view Student Assembly documents
  • Notepad: a wiki‐type document where you can add photos of student‐related events...share your experiences!
  • Group Settings: edit your personalsettings

We will also have a specific group within APHA Connect for mentoring. We will encourage anyone who is involved in the National Mentoring Program, or would like to be, join this group.

Also, reach out to faculty and other professionals in health‐related disciplines that you may know to join our Mentoring group. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of us and we hope you enjoy using this online community as much as we do!