Student Assembly

The APHA Student Assembly is the nation's largest student-led organization dedicated to furthering the development of students, the next generation of professionals in public health and health-related disciplines. APHA-SA represents and serves students of public health and other health-related disciplines by connecting individuals who are interested in working together on public health and student-related issues.

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APHA-SA is a student-led international organization within the American Public Health Association representing students of public health and other related disciplines. Our mission is to improve the future of public health by promoting excellence and professional development for students in public health and related disciplines. According to APHA-SA's Strategic Plan, APHA-SA supports the development of the next generation of public health professionals by:

  • Increasing student representation in APHA
  • Developing and disseminating educational and professional development resources
  • Creating and promoting opportunities for student involvement within APHA-SA, APHA, and other health-related organizations
  • Providing and sustaining vehicles for communication
  • Advocating for student issues and public and health-related policy
  • Facilitating networking among students and professionals

For more information about APHA Student Assembly, read the Chair's Welcome and our history page.