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Secretary Description

The Secretary shall keep the minutes and other records of the Section, and shall transmit to the Executive Director of the Association a copy of the minutes of both the business and scientific sessions as soon as possible after the close of the Annual Meeting. It is also, recommended that minutes be posted on the Section website. When unable to be present at the meeting, he/she shall thoroughly instruct the Secretary-elect, or a substitute in the event the Section has no Secretary-elect, as far in advance of the meeting as possible.

A Secretary-elect may assist the Secretary in her/his duties.” (APHA Bylaws, Art. XIV, Ss. 6 &7).

The Section Secretary shall be a member of such (Section Nominating) committee.” (APHA Bylaws, Art. XIV, Sec. 2(a)).

The Secretary is sometimes responsible for the Communication component of the Section, this may include overseeing the development of the Section Newsletter.