Section Councilor Description

The following describes the general overall responsibilities of the Section Council as whole, without singling out duties specific to any one position on the Council. According to the APHA Bylaws, the duties of the Section Council shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
  • “To make general recommendations in relation to the Annual Meeting program.
  • To act on Section membership and on Section policies.
  • To submit annually to the Governing Council through the Executive Board a report of the transactions of the Section.
  • To report annually to the Governing Council through the Executive Board on the plans, scope, and policy of the Section during the succeeding year.
  • To formulate rules of procedure for the Section.
  • To consider and transmit to the Governing Council resolutions originating in the Section. Only resolutions approved by the Governing Council shall be published as representing the policy of the Association.
  • To advise on the publication of papers and reports presented at the Section meetings.

To advise the Executive Board with respect to the organization and membership of the Action Board, the forthcoming Science Board, Councils, Task Forces, and Standing Committees.” (APHA Bylaws, Art. XIV, Sec. 9).