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Governing Councilor Description

Governing Councilors are expected to attend each session of the Governing Council at the Annual Meeting. They are expected to prepare for these sessions. Many have discussions with their Governing Councilors about the proposed policies, the major Association decisions coming before the Governing Council, and the election of Association Officers. Often a Section Council will ask that its Governing Councilors present important points about proposed policy statements, and to take to the Public Hearings the views of the Section Council. This latter activity may result in a Governing Councilor participating in proposed policy revisions during and immediately following the Public Hearings, which are held at the Annual Meeting. The Section Governing

Councilors are strongly encouraged to work with their Section’s committee(s) and relevant committees on public policy statements.

The Section Chair encourages the Governing Councilors to carry out all of their functions in a manner that best represents the wishes of their Section. Although Governing Councilors should vote their conscience, they must consider the interests and concerns of the members that they represent.