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Updated: 08/20/2012


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APHA Annual Meeting
Vision Care Section Schedule
San Francisco – October 27-31, 2012

All Vision Care Meetings and Oral Sessions will be at the Marriott Marquis
All Poster Sessions and the Vision Care Section Exhibit will be at the Moscone Convention Center

Sunday, October 28, 2012
9:30a - 12:00p:  VCS Business Meeting
2:00p - 3:30p:    VCS Business Meeting (continued)

Monday, October 29, 2012
8:30a - 10:00a:  Public Health Surveillance of Vision Health (Oral Session)
10:30a - 11:30a:  Vision and Aging (Poster Session) Cosponsor(s): Aging & Public Health
10:30a - 11:30a:  Health Promotion and Vision Loss (Poster Session)
12:30p - 2:00p:  Successful Scientific Publishing (Oral Session)
2:30p - 4:00p:  Translating Ocular Research into Community Health (Oral Session)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
7:00a - 8:30a:  Eye Opener Breakfast/Awards Presentation
8:30a - 10:00a:  Children's Vision and Eye Care Needs (Oral Session) School Health Education and Services
10:30a - 12:00p:  Economic Burden and Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Vision and Eye Care (Oral Session)
12:30p - 2:00p:  The Right to Sight: A Global Perspective (Oral Session)
2:30p - 4:00p:  Barriers and Facilitators to Access to Eye Care (Oral Session)
4:30p - 6:00p:  Preventing Vision Loss and Promoting Eye Health across the Lifespan (Oral Session)




The Vision Care Section (VCS) of the American Public Health Association invites nominations for the Distinguished Service Award, the Outstanding Scientific Paper/Project Award, and the Outstanding Student Paper/Project Award for 2012.

The Distinguished Service Award: Established in 1981, the Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor the Section can bestow and is presented to an individual, institution or group who has made an outstanding contribution or demonstrated continual high quality service in the area of public health eye/vision care.  (Sponsored by Hoya Vision Care)

The Outstanding Scientific Paper (Project) Award: This award recognizes an individual, group, or institution that has contributed significantly to the advancement of eye/vision care in the public health field. The contribution can be a paper either previously published or suitable for publication or a written description of a project. The paper/project should represent work within the last two or three years, though the project may have been continuous for a longer period.

The Morton W. Silverman Outstanding Student Paper (Project) Award: This award recognizes a student or group of students that has contributed significantly to the advancement of eye/vision care in the public health field from the perspective of a student in optometry, medicine, public health, or related health professions programs. The contribution may be a paper previously published, suitable for publication, or a detailed written description of a project. The paper or project must represent work that has occurred while the student(s) is/are enrolled in a professional program, although the award may be conferred after graduation. However, the award may not be granted more than twelve months post graduation. Sponsored by Hoya Vision Care)

The Melvin D. Shipp Best Abstract Award: This Award recognizes the lead investigator(s) of the highest scored Abstract submitted for presentation at the APHA-VCS Program Meeting. Nominations are not accepted. All lead authors who submit an Abstract and meet the submission deadline will automatically be considered for the award. Research must be in accord with the current theme of the Annual meeting. The lead author(s) shall present the research at the Annual meeting. Deadline for Abstracts was February 6, 2012.

Awards recipients will be honored during the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association scheduled for San Francisco, October 27-31, 2012.

Nominations are requested by March 31, 2012, and should include the nomination form, a narrative statement of 250 words for the Distinguished Service Award and a copy of paper/project to be considered for the other awards.

Download the nomination instructions and nomination form.

Nominations should be sent by e mail as an attachment to:
Dr. Siu G. Wong, Chair
APHA - VCS Awards Committee

See a historical list of all Award Recipients.


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