About Vision Care

Why join the Vision Care Section (VCS) of the American Public Health Association (APHA)?

The VCS is an important advocate for vision care issues that affect populations throughout the world. The VCS is devoted to addressing these vision care issues in public health through interdisciplinary collaboration. Over 28 VCS-sponsored resolutions are now fully supported by the APHA, all of which have been instrumental in federal and state legislative efforts. Recent resolutions range from improving childhood eye care, to increasing access to vision rehabilitation, to eye care in disaster preparedness, to improving access to vision care in community health centers. With health care reform on the horizon, the VCS provides an opportunity for all groups involved in vision care to join forces, guide policy and effect change.


Who should join the VCS?

Anyone with an interest in public health issues surrounding vision care. Current members include but are not limited to public health professionals, ophthalmologists, optometrists, other medical providers, individuals affiliated with vision care organizations, school health providers, oral health providers, epidemiologists, scientists, legislators, and a diverse body of students.


VCS Member Benefits

§         The APHA Annual Meeting has several VCS-sponsored sessions, speakers and events promise to make this a vibrant and productive meeting.  http://www.apha.org/meetings/

§         The VCS presents four awards each year: the new ‘Mel Shipp Best Abstract Award’, the ‘Distinguished Service Award’, the ‘Outstanding Scientific Paper (Project) Award’, and ‘The Morton W. Silverman Outstanding Student Paper (Project) Award’. 

§         The VCS publishes three newsletters per year that contains items of special interest to VCS members. (click here to view newsletters)

§         The VCS is now on facebook!  This is a great way to stay connected and receive updates about the VCS – follow the link below and become a ‘fan’: www.facebook.com (search ‘APHA: Vision Care’).

§         For students: Access to all APHA student benefits, including the APHA’s Student Assembly and a mentoring program.

§         Access to all  APHA benefits and an opportunity to be involved in efforts and network within the APHA, the oldest, largest and most diverse organization of public health professionals in the world.


Join the VCS of the APHA today!

Simply fill out the online application.

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