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Updated: 02/07/2010



A.  Section Purpose

The American Public Health Association, a non governmental professional society, represents and serves the field of public health, nationally and internationally. Established in 1872, its objectives are to protect and promote public and personal health. It is the only national professional society providing a common forum for the field of public health and a single voice for all specialists making up the public health team.

The Statistics Section of this Association, organized in 1908, provides a focus for persons involved and/or interested in Public Health Statistics. It serves as the APHA focal point that identifies issues, develops strategies, and promotes activities in the area of statistics. It also provides a common forum to exchange experiences and knowledge in statistics which contributes to the activities of the American Public Health Association and shares in the general responsibilities of the public health movement.

Specifically, the Statistics Section:

  1. Provides a multi-disciplinary forum for scientific and public exchanges of views on statistical issues.
  2. Works closely with other sections and affiliates in APHA interested in statistics.
  3. Develops and promotes within the Association policy statements on key issues in statistics.
  4. Serves as advocate for the development and recognition of sound approaches in statistics.
  5. Mobilizes interest and encourages debate on Public Health Statistics problems.