Section Representatives

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Updated: 02/07/2010


G.  Governing Council Representatives

  • Serve as an ex officio (nonvoting) member of the Section Council.
  • Respond promptly to Section correspondence.
  • Attend the Governing Council meeting, the Section Council meeting, and the Section business meeting held at the Annual Meetings of the Association and Governing Council meetings and Section Council meetings convened during the year.
  • Submit specific Governing Council agenda items to the Section Chair for discussion at Section Council meetings. Section Council will instruct Governing Councilors on key votes to be cast on behalf of the Section (e.g. future Annual Meeting themes, Association officers, resolutions, and position papers)
  • Represent the Section at the Governing Council sessions held during the Annual Meeting.  If unable to attend one or both of these meetings, notify Section Chair so that an alternate can be arranged.
  • Participate actively in Governing Council debate to voice Statistics Section positions.
  • Attend Joint Policy Committee hearings on proposed resolutions and position papers.
  • Assist with the preparation and amendment of resolutions and position papers.
  • Network with other Councilors from other sections to garner support for issues of mutual interest.
  • Make recommendations to the Section Council concerning Statistics Section positions on various issues, including meeting themes, Association elected officers, and proposed resolutions and position papers.
  • Propose subjects for consideration and possible action by the Section Council and/or members;
  • Identify, interpret, and promote the role of the Statistics Section in contributing to the Association deliberations and action in relation to matters that are of special concern to the members of the Section;
  • Submit articles to the section newsletters.