Section Council

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Updated: 02/07/2010


F.    Section Council

(Section officers, immediate past Chair, secretary-elect, elected council members, Governing Council members Action Board Representative)

1.  Responsibilities of the Section Council affected by Group Action
  • Act as the governing body of the Section by formulating procedures, plans, goals, rules, and policies for the Section. 
  • Appoint committees, subcommittees, and Section representatives on committees. Define their overall responsibilities of committees.
  • Approve, process, and publicize Section resolutions passed by the Section Council and membership representing policies of the Section.
  • Approve the Section budget in general terms.
  • Make recommendations for the Statistics Section program for the Annual Meeting and solicit and review papers for the Annual Meeting.
  • Review the reports and act on the recommendations of Section committees.
  • Review resolutions to be considered by the Governing Council.  Transmit to the Section Governing Council representatives resolutions passed by the Section Council.
  • Report annually to the Governing Council, through the Executive Board, on transactions of the Section, and on the plans, scope, and policy of the Section during the succeeding year.
  • Advise on publication of reports and papers presented to the Council.
  • Develop and sponsor programs of continuing education.
  • Initiate inter sectional collaboration and joint liaison and committee activities that promote the over¬all aims of the Section and the Association.
  • Propose individuals from the membership of the Section for APHA Awards.
  • Work actively toward the participation of the section in the broader affairs of the Association by offering well qualified candidates for positions as officers of APHA and as members of Association wide committees and boards.
  • Solicit Section membership and involvement.

2.  Individual Council Member Responsibilities
  • Attend the Section Council meeting and the Section business meeting at the Annual Meetings of the Association and section council meetings convened during the year.  If unable to attend the Council meetings at the Annual Meeting, select a Governing Council Representative or a Chair of a Section committee as a substitute and notify the Section Chair.
  • Respond promptly to Section correspondence
  • Represent the Section Council on Section committees.
  • Preside at program sessions sponsored by the Section, as requested by the Chair of the Program Committee.
  • Propose subjects for consideration and possible action by the Section Council and/or members.
  • Identify, interpret, and promote the role of the Statistics Section in contributing to the Association deliberations and action in relation to matters that are of special concern to the members of the Section.