Section Chair Elect

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Updated: 02/07/2010



B. Chair Elect

  • Act for the Chair in the absence of that officer.
  • Assist the Chair in giving leadership to Section activities.
  • Respond promptly to Section correspondence;
  • Attend the Program Chair meeting held after the Annual Meeting of the Association.  Attend the Chair-elect meeting held during the summer. Attend the ISC meeting held before the Annual Meeting. Attend the Section Council meeting and Section business meeting at the Annual Meeting.
  • Assist, when called upon by the Chair, in the conduct of the Section Annual Meetings.
  • Act as Program Chair for the Section program at the Annual Meeting.  In this capacity, serve as Chair of the Program Committee. Coordinate with the Awards committee, the Spiegelman Award committee, and the Local Arrangements committee.
  • Submit articles to the Section newsletters.
  • Perform tasks outlined under Section Council responsibilities.   Perform such other tasks as are needed to advance the business of the Section.
  • Assume position of Chair of the Section upon completing the term of office as Chair-Elect.