Section Chair

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Updated: 02/07/2010



A.  Chair

  • Provide leadership for Section activities. This includes initiating correspondence, implementing plans and policies formulated by the Section Council, and overseeing Section activities such as the preparation of the program for the Annual Meeting, work of the Awards committee, and publication of newsletters.
  • Respond promptly to Section correspondence;
  • Attend the ISC meeting held before the Annual Meeting of the Association. Attend the Section council meeting and Section business meeting at the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordinate activities to implement resolutions passed by the Section during the Annual Meeting.
  • Determine the time and place of meetings of the Section and Section Council, and prepare for such meetings.
  • Prepare the annual budget of the Section in accordance with the principles outlined by the Section Council at the Annual Meeting. Submit the budget proposal to APHA by the required deadline. Authorize and maintain records of reimbursements of approved expenses prior to submission to APHA.
  • Preside at meetings of the Section and Section Council.
  • Appoint Chairs and members of Section committees as indicated in this Manual, with the advice of the Section Council and Section Committees.
  • Solicit and suggest names of Section members for appointment to APHA wide committees.
  • Inform Section Award winners of their selection and invite them to attend the award ceremony.
  • Represent and/or arrange for representation of the Section in relationship with other bodies within the framework of American Public Health Association regulations.
  • Collaborate with the Secretary and Section Council in order to:

1. Submit annually to the Governing Council through the Executive Board a report of the transactions of the Section.

2. Report annually to the Governing Council through the Executive Board on the plans, scope, and policy of the Section during the succeeding year as required in By Laws, Article XIII, Section 9, c and d.

3. Receive copies of all correspondence relating to the business of the Section.

4. Prepare the Section financial report for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Section Council.

  • Notify the Committee Chairs of their budgetary allocations.
  • Help Section committees outline objectives and advise committee Chairs of the needs for progress and annual reports.
  • Appoint 1 section member to the Spiegelman Award committee. Coordinate with chair of Spiegelman Award committee to ensure award recipient is selected , medal and other benefits arranged, monitor Spiegelman Fund.
  • Submit articles to the Section newsletters.
  • Arrange joint meetings with other sections and coordinate inter section activities
  • Serve as a liaison with appropriate professional and consumer organizations, related government organizations, and individuals interested in Statistics.
  • Submit nominations to the APHA Nominating Committee each year.  Submit to the Executive Board a panel of three names in any year when the term of the Section representative to the Action Board expires.   Submit nominees to the Executive Board for the Science Board.
  • Perform tasks outlined under Section Council responsibilities. Perform such other tasks as are needed to advance the business of the Section.
  • Serve as ex officio member of the Governing Council.
  • Serve as immediate past-Chair of the Section upon completing the term of office as Chair.