Section Boards

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Updated: 02/07/2010


Appointed positions on the Section Council include the Section Action Board, representative and representatives to other APHA-wide boards (such as the Science Board) and committees and Chairs of Section committees.   The purpose and functions of appointive posts of the Statistics Section are described below.

B. APHA Boards (e.g. Action Board, Science Board)

The responsibilities of the Section representative on the Action Board are:
  • Attend the first Section Council meeting held at the Annual Meeting of the Association and section council meetings convened during the year.  If unable to attend this Council meeting, notify the Section Chair by phone call or email prior to the meeting.
  • Respond promptly to Section correspondence.
  • Attend board meetings assuring full communication between the Section and Action Board on issues of mutual concern.
  • Make specific suggestions to the Statistics Section Council on appropriate ways the Statistics Section can implement related APHA policy, which include resolutions, position papers, and policy statements.
  • Keep the Chair and Secretary informed of major Action Board activities.
  • Interpret the purposes and activities of the Action Board to Section Council members
  • Submit articles to the Section Newsletter.