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Updated: 02/20/2014

The American Public Health Association, a non governmental professional society, represents and serves the field of public health, nationally and internationally. Established in 1872, its objectives are to protect and promote public and personal health. It is the only national professional society providing a common forum for the field of public health and a single voice for all specialists making up the public health team. The Statistics Section of this Association, organized in 1908, provides a focus for persons involved and/or interested in Public Health Statistics. It serves as the APHA focal point that identifies issues, develops strategies, and promotes activities in the area of statistics. It also provides a common forum to exchange experiences and knowledge in statistics which contributes to the activities of the American Public Health Association and shares in the general responsibilities of the public health movement.
Specifically, the Applied Public Health Statistics Section:
1. Provides a multi-disciplinary forum for scientific and public exchanges of views on statistical issues.
2. Works closely with other sections and affiliates in APHA interested in statistics.
3. Develops and promotes within the Association policy statements on key issues in statistics.
4. Serves as advocate for the development and recognition of sound approaches in statistics.
5. Mobilizes interest and encourages debate on Public Health Statistics problems. 
On this page..
  • Statistics Section Procedures Manual
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Spiegelman Award and Winners
  • Award Nomination Procedure
  • History Corner

(download the entire document .rtf)


    0. Section Mission Statement   
    A. Section Purpose   
    B. Members    
    C. Section Governance    
        1. Officers   
        2. Section Ccouncil   
        3. Committees   
        4. Terms of Office and voting status
        5. Criteria for selection of section leadership   
        6. Election
        7. Removal of an elected or appointed leader   
        8. Filling a vacant elected position   
        9.  Quorum   
        10. Travel expenses   
    D. Section Meetings    
        1.  Section Council meetings   
        2.  Section Business meeting   
        3.  Purpose of Section meetings   
    E. Process    
    F. Budget       


    A. Chair person      
    B. Chairperson‑Elect     
    C. Immediate Past Chairperson    
    D. Secretary    
    E. Secretary‑Elect    
    F. Section Council     
    G. Governing Councilors, Terms of Office and Duties     

    A. Section Liaisons     
    B. APHA Board Representatives     
    C. Section Committees Purpose, Composition, Functions    
        1.  Awards Committee     
        2.  Archivist   
        3.  Local Arrangements Committee   
        4.  Newsletter Committee     
        5.  Nominations Committee    
        6.  Program Committee    
        7.  Spiegelman Award Committee     
        8.  Ad Hoc Committees     

for Officers, Volunteers, etc.

This is a collection of informal tips, instructions, etc. to help Stat Section folks get the Section's work done. Anybody who helps in any way with section business is invited to submit a document. If you are an officer or volunteer, any time you do something, you could write it down; at the end of the year, you'll have a good SOP!

PART I: Membership Committee SOP - Thanks to Larry Moulton

PART II: Manual of Procedures Spiegelman Award Committee

PART III: Various files used for issuing call for Spiegelman nominations, etc - Thanks to
Michael Newton

    A. Chair Manual (.doc)
Spiegelman Award Announcement (.pdf)

PART IV: Annual meeting things to print - Thanks to Marcia Testa

    A. Example of how to order a plaque for the Lowell Reed Lecturer (.doc)

    B. Example Lowell Reed Lecture Flyer (.doc)
    C. Example Lowell Reed Session Brochure
    D. Example Certificate of Appreciation (.doc)

Note: Request the APHA special Certificate Paper from APHA– they will mail it out to you in advance of the meeting.  Alternatively, you can print it out while at the meeting – you just need to go to the APHA Program Planner room and use their printers and request the certificate paper. You can purchase in advance very simple certificate frames to make the presentation more formal.
    E. Example program (.doc)

Booth Stuff - Thanks to Larry Moulton

    A. Example Spreadsheet for signing up for covering booth operating 
        times (.xls)
    B. Example Booth Instructions


Demographer, actuary, and biostatistician Mortimer Spiegelman (1901-1969) made exceptional contributions to public health statistics. His contributions have continued posthumously through the Mortimer Spiegelman Award of the APHA Statistics Section, presented annually since 1970 to an outstanding public health statistician under age 40. The award serves three purposes: to honor the outstanding achievements of both the recipient and Spiegelman, to encourage further  involvement in public health of the finest young statisticians, and to increase awareness of APHA and the Statistics Section in the academic statistical community. The contributions for which we honor Mortimer Spiegelman are outlined overleaf, in a slight adaptation of his Encyclopedia of Biostatistics biography by Section member Earl Pollack (included by permission).   read more and view the recipient list

Learn more about the standard protocol of the nomination procedure.


The Statistics Section of the American Public Health Association invites nominations for the Mortimer Spiegelman Award, honoring a statistician aged 40 or younger who has made outstanding contributions to health statistics, especially public health statistics. The award was established in 1970 and is presented annually at the APHA meeting.

The award serves three purposes

  • To honor the outstanding achievements of both the recipient and Spiegelman
  • To encourage further involvement in public health by the finest young statisticians
  • To increaseawareness of the APHA and the Statistics Section in the academic statistical community

Candidates for the Award must have been born in 1970 or later. Please submit a nominating letter, including a description of the candidate's contributions to public health and birthday, and the candidate's CV. Up to three supporting letters may be submitted. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Spiegelman Award Committee
Sudipto Banerjee, PhD
Division of Biostatistics
School of Public Health
A460 Mayo Building, MMC 303
420 Delaware Street S.E.
Minneapolis MN 55455


The Section began in 1908 under the name Vital Statistics, changed to Statistics in 1949. It is tied with Health Administration (formerly known as Health Officers) as being the oldest continuously operating Section of APHA.

PART I: Inaugural Address by J.N. Hurty, 1908

PART II: List of all Section Chairs in our glorious history! - Thanks to APHA archivist Karla Pearce

PART III: Statistics Sesion History to 1972 (pdf file)