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Updated: 02/07/2010

Statistics Section Booth #108 Instructions

The main goal of our booth is to attract new Statistics Section members so that we don’t go the way of the Laboratory Section and disappear.

Get people to join the section by filling out the change-of-section form.  By doing so, if they sign up to make Statistics their Primary Section, they automatically are entered into a drawing for a MuVo MP3 player.

Everyone can throw in a business card (or piece of paper with contact info) for a chance at a Belkin FM transmitter.

There are 25 change-of-section forms; if you get down to just a few, go to APHA staffers at the Everything APHA resource center in the center of the Expo and get forms from them, or copy more.  The main problem is getting people’s APHA membership numbers; they are on the membership card (but not on the meetings badge).  APHA will accept forms without this, but the rest of the info has to be legible! The most important part is the Primary Section Change line!  People can select one second section for which there is no charge; I’m not sure how this is counted in section membership.

Dice:  we have over 500 dice to give away.  Emphasize “have just a LITTLE luck”; I suppose we could start off with a max of 2 per person who stops by, then go to one when we get down to 50-100 if that happens before Wed morning.

People closing down each day: just put the dice and forms in their respective bags and leave at the booth.  Not worth the hassle of handoff to secure the dice!  Leave a few membership forms lying out, in case someone stops by while we’re gone and wants to fill one out.
Larry Moulton will get poster, sign-up forms, business cards for the drawing, and any remaining dice on Wed.