School Health Education & Services

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School Health Education & Services

Welcome to the School Health Education and  Services Section!  We are pleased that you share our passion of promoting health among our nations schools!

Are you interested/concerned with what is happening in schools today, with regard to:

  • Health education and services?
  • Lack of trained health educators and availability of services?
  • Limited funding and school health teams?
  • Problems such as: HIV/STDs, diseases, injuries, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, nutrition and eating disorders, environmental issues and other problems that affect school-aged youth?
If these issues concern you, we would like to invite you to become involved in the School Health Education and Services Section (SHES) of APHA and work with top professionals who:


Advocate the development of school health education and services policies for APHA and the nation.


Communicate the status of the health education, promotion, and service needs of the school age population to the public.


Educate the public, health professionals, and policy makers about school health education and services goals.


Inform other health professionals the importance of integrating a comprehensive school health program in schools today.


Investigate issues and solving problems with colleagues related to research in health education, health promotion, and services in the school setting.


Discuss health issues related to early childhood, elementary, middle/ junior, senior high school and college and university settings.


Collaborate with other sections to encourage the improvement of the health status of school age populations.


Support the continuing education of health education and services personnel for promoting professional standards.