Leadership Roster

Information on PRSH's Standing Committees and Task Forces can be found on the Section Activities/Benefits page.

Leadership Roster

PRSH Officers
According to the APHA bylaws, only individuals whose primary membership is with PRSH may hold an elected office or serve on the Section Council or the Governing Council.  PRSH section officers include the Chair, the Chair-Elect, and the Secretary.  Officers are elected by section members. The terms of office for our section are one year. New terms begin and old terms expire at the close of APHA annual meetings. After five consecutive years in any elected section office, an officer is ineligible for reelection to that office for one year.
Chair and Program Planner
Angel Foster
Term: 11/2013–11/2015
The Chair represents the section and presides at meetings. The Chair has organizational, fiscal, and membership responsibilities, including:
• Working with the Section Council to develop an activity plan that meets the section’s priorities.
• Working with the section to select meaningful short-term activities.
• Filling standing committees with current section members.
• Seeing that the section develops section slates for Officer and Councilor elections.
• Developing and submitting section’s Annual Report.
• Developing and monitoring the section budget in consultation with the Section Council.
• Monitoring and approving budget expenditures as the fiscal agent of the section.
• Supporting recruitment of new members to the section.
• Including new members in section activities and acknowledging the contributions of section leaders and members.
• Assisting committee chairs in clarifying their duties, deadlines, etc.
• Managing communication between APHA and the section membership.
• Securing exhibit space for the annual meeting.
Chair-Elect and Program Coordinator
Lea Dooley
Term: 11/2013–11/2015

The Chair-Elect of the PRSH Section is the program chair for the APHA Annual Meeting.  As such, the chair-elect is responsible for:
• Advertising the call for abstracts, and communicating with authors interested in submitting abstracts for review.
• Distributing fliers to recruit abstract reviewers at the section business meetings, and adding reviewers to the APHA database.
• Receiving abstracts and directing the review of abstracts.
• Organizing panels and poster sessions for the annual meeting.
The Chair-Elect is expected to attend an orientation session, usually held in the summer in Washington, D.C.  The Chair-Elect also attends and participates in the Intersectional Council meeting the Saturday before the APHA Annual Meeting.
Immediate Past Chair
Wayne Shields                                                                                            
Term: 11/2013–11/2015

The Immediate Past Chair is a member of the Section Council until succeeded.  He or she has a primary responsibility to be an active and advisory member of the section leadership and the Intersectional Council (ISC).  The Immediate Past Chair should attend the annual meeting of the full ISC, which is held on the Saturday before the annual meeting.  In many sections, the Immediate Past Chair serves as chair of the section nominating committee.  The Immediate Past Chair is also responsible for managing the section awards committee and organizing the awards ceremony (held during the Monday business meeting).
Trinity Zan
Term: 11/2012–11/2014

The Secretary keeps the minutes and other records of the section.  The Secretary transmits a copy of the minutes of both the business and scientific sessions to the Executive Director of the Association following the close of the Annual Meeting.  The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining minutes for section business meetings and conference calls and transmitting copies of these to the Section Affairs staff.
Executive Board Liaison

Student Liaisons

Margo Mullinax
11/2012 - 11/2014 

Aleta Baldwin
11/2013 - 11/2015

PRSH Section Councilors
The Section Council is the governing body of the section and is composed of the section officers, the Immediate Past Section Chair until succeeded, and six elective members.  The Section Councilors are elected by section members and serve three-year terms.
According to APHA guidelines, the duties of the Section Council include:
• To make general recommendations with relation to the general Annual Meeting program.
• To act on section membership and section policies.
• To submit an annual report of section transactions to the Governing Board through the Executive Board.
• To formulate rules of procedure for the section.
• To consider and transmit resolutions that originate in the section to the Governing Council.
• To advise on the publication of papers and reports presented at the section meetings.
• To advise the Executive Board on the organization and membership of the Action Board, the Science Board, councils, task forces, andstanding committees.
Currently our Section Councilors are: 
Tracie Graham 

Rena Dixon 
Christine Stainton

Tamarah Moss Knight

Monica R. McLemore

Diane Green Foster

Bonnie Epstein

Nicole Smith       
PRSH Governing Councilors
The Governing Council is the policy-making body in APHA.  Each section elects at least two representatives to the Governing Council, proportionate to the number of primary members in that section.
The Section Governing Councilors work with the Section Council on policy and decisions coming before the Governing Council and Public Hearings.  The Section Governing Councilors attend each session of the Governing Council at the Annual Meeting and represent the wishes of their section.  The duties of the Governing Council include:
• To establish policies and amend the bylaws of the Association, and to adopt rules for the conduct of its own business.
• To establish policies for the Association and for the guidance of the Executive Board and the officers.
• To receive and act upon reports or recommendations from any Association constituent.
• To elect the Executive Board, the officers of the Association, and Honorary Members.
• To receive the report of the Chair of the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting in which the work, the accomplishments, and the financial status of the Association shall be reviewed and a statement made of the major activities contemplated for the upcoming year.
• To establish sections of the Association, to combine or discontinue sections, to prescribe the composition of Section Councils, to maintain coordination among sections, and to formulate general rules governing their policies.

The PRSH Section has three Governing Councilors:
Daniel Grossman
Farya Karim 
Elizabeth Baker 
PRSH Board Representatives
The PRSH Section has representation on several APHA boards:
Action Board
Representative: Joyce Cappiello (2013 - 2016)
Advisor: VACANT 

The Action Board plans, organizes and pursues implementation of APHA policies and positions, including pursuit of an annual legislative program.  The Action Board is comprised of a Chairperson, section representatives, affiliate representatives, and members-at-large.  Section representatives are chosen by the Executive Board from a panel of three names submitted by each section.  Each section has one representative, and each representative serves a three-year term.
Publication Board
Representative: Debra McFarlane (2012 - 2015), Margo Bennett Mullinax (2013 - 2016)

Science Board
Representative:  John Santelli, Js2637@columbia.edu

Standing Committees

Erica Fishman

Margo Bennett Mullinax
Tracie Graham 


Margo Bennett Mullinax