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About Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Health

The PRSH Section of APHA (formerly Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Health) was founded in 1975.  Section members work to improve the health of women, men and children by ensuring that population, reproductive and sexual health remain major domestic and international priorities.


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Section Leadership

Learn about PRSH officers, Section Councilors and Governing Councilors.

Standing Committees

Find out about and join our Action Board  and our Membership, Newsletter, Nominations and Resolutions committees. 


Task Forces

Engage with our task forces:  Abortion  •  Adolescents  •  Emerging Reproductive Technologies  •  Management and Sustainability  •  Men and Reproductive Health  •  Sexuality and Family Planning

Section Awards

See current and past winners of the Carl S. Shultz Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Felicia Stewart Advocacy Award, and the Outstanding Young Professional Award.    


Read current and past issues of our newsletter.


Join the PRSH listserve.

Fact sheets and policy statements (coming soon)

Read our fact sheets and policy statements.

Other Websites of Interest

Link to websites of organizations and resources in our field.


List of PRSH-sponsored sessions at APHA annual meetings: 
2010  •  2009  •  2008  •  2007  •  2006  •  2005  •  2004  •  2003  •  2002  •  2001  •  2000


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