Section Activities/Benefits

Podiatric Health Section Public Health Agenda


1.      The aging of American and the problems of the geriatric patient and its implication on ability to walk and the quality of life.

2.      Chronic diseases such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, the various forms of arthritis and obesity, and their profound impact on the foot and lower extremity

3.   Amputation Prevention

4.      The growing list of resistant infectious diseases,

5.      Nutritional deficiencies that lead to obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes

6.      Smoking and its effect on the lower extremity and the role of podiatric medicine in anti-smoking campaigns

7.      Indigent and homelessness foot and ankle care and appropriate foot wear needs 

8.      Depression and the role of exercise as a method of control

9.      Exercise and lower extremity morbidity that restricts participation and affects the general health of the population

10.  Manifestations in the foot and ankle in the early and later stages of HIV/AIDS

11.  Foot and ankle disorders and their relationship to the incidence of falls.

12.  The role of podiatric medicine in health promotion and prevention.

13.  Foot and ankle disorders and their effect on childhood development and activities.


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