About Podiatric Health



The PHS of the APHA envisions a health care system where each individual is enabled to make appropriate decisions about healthy living, through a health care system which is patient centered where provider and patient partner to make health care choices in order to achieve maximum functional capacity. 

Section Objectives:

  1. Improve the relationship between the Podiatric Health Section and the APMA leadership.
    1. Provide a standing yearly report to the HOD on the section's activities.
  2. Increase public awareness of Podiatric Medicine and the extensive role of podiatric medicine in the general health of the population
    1. Provide educational materials to the media
    2. Offer our members as speakers to community groups on foot health
    3. Etc.
  3. Increase the numbers within our ranks
    1. Establish an ongoing yearly membership drive at the colleges of podiatric medicine and the annual HOD
  4.  Set a public health agenda for the podiatric health section
    1. Set a yearly updated public health agenda and make it public via professional and lay media
  5. Increase the involvement of podiatric medical students in APHA
    1. Establish APHA chapters at each college
  6. Develop and maintain a database of Humanitarian/Missionary/Community Medicine Projects nationally and internationally

For more information, follow this link to APHA PODIATRIC HEALTH SECTION: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE by Arthur E. Helfand, DPM