PHN Officers, Councilors, Committees, Descriptions

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 Section Council
Cynthia Stone Section Chair
Juanita Graham Secretary
Susan Zahner Immediate past chair
Susan Hamilton Secretary-elect
Jean Swinney Chair Elect
Joyce Edmonds Section Councilor (2015)
Marylyn McEwen Section Councilor (2015)
Susan Coleman Section Councilor (2016)
JoAnne Bennett Section Councilor (2016)
Linda Olson Keller Section Councilor (2014)
Sonda Oppewal Section Councilor (2015)


 Representatives to APHA Governing Council
Marjorie Buchanan (2014)
Felita Wilson (2014)  
Colleen Woolsey (2014)
Kirk Koyama (2015)
Rita Laurie (2015)
 Appointed Section Roles
Kaye Bender Chair, Education Committee
Maria DeValpine Co-chair, Program Committee
Kathy Jaskowiak Co-chair, Program Committee
Rita Gallagher   Chair, Development Committee
Debra Anderson Chair, Nominations & Deployment Committee
Jie Hu Chair, Global Health Committee
Lisa Campbell Chair, Communication Committee
Rita Lourie Co-chair, Archives
Nancy Gilbert Co-chair, Archives
Kim Curry Chair, Research Committee
Yolanda Davilla Chair, Awards Committee
Mike Rome Web Coordinator
Clair Millet Co-chair, Local Arrangements 
Demetrius Porche Co-chair, Local Arrangements
Tom Engle Environmental Health Work Group
Fran Hardin-Fanning Chair
Policy/Resolutions Committee
Sarah Kelly Chair, Student Engagement
Vicki Simpson Chair, Membership
Alison Colbert Co-Editor, Newsletter
Charlotte Stepanian Co-Editor, Newsletter
 Section Representatives to APHA Committees
Diane Downing APHA Executive Board (2010-2014);
Exec Board liaison to PHN Section
Betty Daniels APHA Action Board (2011-2014)
Kaye Bender Education Board Chair, Ex-Officio APHA Executive Board (2010-2012)  
Jo Anne Bennett Science Board (2011-2014)
Louise Ivanov APHA International
Human Rights Committee (2012)
Carol Easley Allen APHA International Human Rights Committee (2012)
Bobbie Berkowitz AmJPHPolicy (2011)  
Mary McLaughlin APHA Bylaws Committee (2010-2013)
Joan Bundley APHA Bylaws Committee (2011)  
Nonceba Lubanga APHA Nominations Committee (2011)
Kathleen O'Leary APHA Awards Committee (2yrs, reappt. 2009-2011?)  
Judith Hays Publication Board (2012)
Marilyn Krajicek Publication Board (2012)  
Judy Baigis     Publication Board (2013)  
Barbara Judkins Publication Board (2014)
Irene Sandvold CE Committee
Sonda Oppewal Continuing Education Accreditation Committee (2011-2014)
Kay Kinsey Rep to Partners in Program Planning for Adolescent Health
May Dobal Equal Opportunity  
Margaret Ostafin Nation's Health Advisory Board (2011-2012)
Susan Zahner Intersectional Council Steering Committee (2011-2014)
Cynthia Stone Intersectional Council Steering Committee (Chair)
David Reyes Intersectional Council Steering Committee (2011-2013)
Louise Ivanov Intersectional Council Steering Committee Nominations Subgroup
 Reps. for External Affairs
Cynthia Stone Liaison to Quad Council
David Reyes Liaison to Quad Council
Susan Zahner Liaison to Quad Council
Beth Lamanna ANHE representative  
Susan Coleman Champion Nursing Coalition
Jeanne Matthews Nursing Community Representative to ANA Scope & Standards Work Group