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Section Activities/Benefits

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APHN May 4-7, 2014 Santa Fe, New Mexico and ACHNE Annual Conferences June 5-7, 2014 San Antonio, Texas, and APHA Annual Meeting November 15-19 New Orleans, Louisiana

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Committees and Task Forces

Current and new members are encouraged to consider joining one of PHN Section’s vibrant and active committees (click on link).  Opportunities are available across the PHN Section to become involved. It is an excellent way to meet new colleagues while making a contribution to public health nursing initiatives. The diversity of membership involvement leads to a stronger voice for public health. Additionally, members often discover that involvement in the PHN Section furthers skills they are interested in developing. If you are unsure of the best fit for you, please email the PHN Section Chair, Cynthia Stone to discuss committee and task force activities.

Inter-Sectional Linkages Through our New PHN Section Liaisons

The PHN Section is launching a new initiative to foster linkages and collaboration with other APHA Sections. Neither structural recognition nor strategies for inter-sectional relationships exist within APHA beyond co-sponsorship of Annual Meeting Sessions. Since this is a vital part of the PHN role, the Section is developing a new PHN Section Liaison role. Members who have particular interests in the work of another Section can serve as communication and collaboration facilitators with that Section. Beth Lamanna, will coordinate this effort at this point, but perhaps others with a focus on communication and collaboration would like to help in this endeavor. Four active PHN Section members have assumed Liaison roles to date:

• Rita Lourie of Temple University with the Environment Section
• Joyce Edmonds of Emory University with the MCH Section
• Louise Ivanov of the University of North Carolina Greensboro – with the
International Section
• Johanna Holsten with the University of Pennsylvania with the Food and Nutrition

See leadership section for alphabetical listing of committees and liaison groups. They are reaching out to establish formal relationships and a named counterpart in these Sections. Reports on this new initiative will be posted as availble.  


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