OHS Section Awards

Alice Hamilton (1869 -1970) . Alice Hamilton, considered the founder of occupational health in the United States, was a tireless activist and physician who dedicated her life to improving the health and safety of workers. She was committed to science, service, and compassion. This award recognizes the life-long contributions of individuals who have distinguished themselves through a career of hard work and dedication to improve the lives of workers

Lorin Kerr (1909 -1991) . Lorin Kerr was a life-long activist and served for over 40 years as a physician for the United Mine Workers. He was dedicated to improving access to care for coal miners and other workers and to obtaining compensation for and preventing as black lung disease. This award recognizes a new activist for their sustained and outstanding efforts and dedication to improve the lives of workers.

Tony Mazzocchi
(1927-2003). Tony was the most influential labor leader in the Occupational Health and Safety field in the U.S. Tony played a key role in the legislative struggles of the 1960s and 1970s,including passage of the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). A founder of the Labor Party, he continued organizing support for the party's national health care program up until his death. This award gives recognition to grassroots H&S activists in Local Unions or other local organizations fighting for the H&S rights of workers.

International. This award recognizes individuals with outstanding achievement in the field of occupational health and safety outside the United States.


OHS Section Award Policies and Criteria

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