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OHS Jobs/Fellowship/Internship Opportunities page 


THE OHS Section has developed a new webpage that lists and describes new job/fellowship/internship opportunities. Follow the link at the bottom of the page (under 'More about Resources/Links') to go to this new resource the Section is offering.  If you know of new opportunities that you'd like to have listed on the page, please let us know!




OSHA's Picture It!: Safe Workplaces for Everyone


In celebration of OSHA's 40th anniversary, the agency is holding a photo contest promoting worker safety. Picture It!: Safe Workplaces for Everyone challenges anyone with a passion for photography to capture an image of workplace safety and health and share it with OSHA. See the contest website for more information!



Resources For Workers to Avoid Heat-Related Illness



OSHA has now posted a new Heat Illness webpage that includes educational material in English and Spanish, including low-literacy fact sheets for workers, worksite and community posters, and a public service announcment from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. OSHA will be posting  additional materials on the Heat Illness webpage including a lesson plan that employers can use to train their workers to stay safe in the heat and a heat index Smartphone app.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

NOAA will incorporate worker safety information and precautions when heat alerts are issued across the country.




OHS List serve:

The OHS Section of APHA is now hosting a list serve to share information about workplace health and safety. The list serve is open to both APHA members and non-members alike; any and all occupational safety and health professionals and advocates are invited to join! Participants will be able to:

  • share information that is specific to workplace health and safety such as current events, conferences, advocacy campaigns, job announcements, or publications
  • ask questions or initiate discussions about occupational health issues
  • raise and discuss APHA issues that affect the OHS Section

To sign up, send a blank email to

Many thanks to Amy Liebman, Diane Bush, and the Migrant Clinicians Network for setting up and housing the list serve!

OHS Student Resources:

Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP):  

The OHIP is an experiential learning activity for students interested in worker health and safety prevention and rights.  The program is supported by a grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and administered by the Association for Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC). Every year, OHIP interns present their research at the American Public Health Association annual meeting.  More about OHIP here.



New Solutions journal: 

New Solutions is one of the few journals entirely devoted to occupational and environmental health policy.  It publishes research articles, interviews with activitists, documents and reports. All the journals editors are long-time members of the APHA OHS Section.

New Solutions is currently seeking high quality manuscripts for a special issue dedicated to worker health and safety training and education. Manuscripts will be accepted until December 28, 2011. Please see the Call for Papers website for potential topic areas of interest, manuscript submission guidelines, and contact information. 



Historical Articles and Documents:

OHS Section's beginning as Industrial Hygiene Section. 

This is an article from APHA's The Nation's Health on the history of the OHS Section:  Hayhurst ER. Industrial Hygiene Section 1914-1934.  It mentions some of the founding members of the Section, including the first two Section Chairs: George M. Kober and Alice Hamilton.

OSHA's New Directions Grant Program, Jimmy Carter Administration. 

OSHA's deputy assistant secretary, Basil J. Whiting, shares his perspective on the capacity-building philosophy and structure of its 1977-1981 worker training grants program in: Early Worker and Employer Training Initiatives at OSHA, Toxicology and Industrial Health. 1989; 5(4): 87-95.