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Occupational Health & Safety

Each day, over 145 million workers in the U.S. -- and several billion individuals around the globe -- face the risk of work-related injuries and illnesses that can cause serious immediate or long-term health problems. Members of the OHS Section are individuals involved in preventing work-related injuries, illnesses, disabilities and deaths through research, training, treatment, advocacy and policy-making. 

Our Section is one of the oldest within APHA, advocating for the health, safety, and wellbeing of workers, families, communities, and the environment since 1914. We have 700+ members, representing a multitude of disciplines from medicine, nursing, and industrial hygiene to epidemiology, environmental health, statistics, community organizing, teaching, history, law and journalism.  The Section provides leadership and expertise on occupational health matters, recognizing the intrinsic link between the work environment, and the health and safety of families, communities and the environment at large.

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Latest OHS Section News and Updates:


142nd Annual APHA Meeting in New Orleans

The OHS Section is looking forward to the 142nd Annual Meeting, to be held November 15-19, 2014, in New Orleans, LA! The meeting's overall theme is: Healthography: How Where You Live Affects Your Health and Well-being. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of our OHS Section!

The OHS Section is calling for nominations for its awards to recognize individuals (or organizations) who have distinguished themselves in our field of worker justice. The awards are presented at APHA's annual meeting. Nominations are due May 1, 2014.


Applications for the 2014 James P. Keogh Memorial Scholarship Awards

The OHS Section will be awarding another round of scholarships covering registration for the 2014 APHA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, a one year APHA membership, and $300 for conference related expenses. The scholarship program's goal is to strengthen the participation of students and union representative. Please click here for more scholarship program information. Please select either the Student Application or Union/Worker Organization Representative Application and submit to Sarah Jacobs at the address provided on the forms. Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2014.


Young Worker Health and Safety Network

A new webpage has been added with information detailing the OHS Section's work with the Young Worker Health and Safety Network. Please read more about our work with this important initiative! 

Updated March 30, 2014