About Medical Care

Founded   over 60 years ago, the Medical Care Section is a diverse group of people working to influence policy through research, advocacy and dissemination of ideas.  The Medical Care Section is an engaging, welcoming place to debate critical issues and to learn how APHA works.


We are a broad cross-section of APHA members: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, policy analysts, teaching faculty, researchers, public health administrators, patients, consumers and more. 


The Medical Care Section has generated several APHA presidents.  The Medical Care Section’s official journal, Medical Care, is the premier clinical health services research journal in the world.



The Medical Care Section is guided by the definition of public health as what we do collectively as a society to assure conditions in which people can be healthy.  We are committed to improving the nation’s health through practice, research, education and policy action.


We explore:

  • The organization and practice of medical care in the US and elsewhere
  • The social, economic and environmental conditions that influence health

We advocate for:

  • Strengthening and assuring the conditions that preserve and enhance health
  • A medical care system that assures, for all, care of high quality and cultural sensitivity
  • A medical care system that assures, for all, accessible preventive medicine

We see this as attainable through:

  • Equitable public financing
  • Careful monitoring and feedback of performance
  • Wise allocation of resources under public leadership


All APHA members, whatever their primary interests, are welcome to join us in these endeavors.