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MCH Section Leadership


Judith Katzburg     

Past Chair

Debra Jackson


Ann Dozier


Lianne Estefan


Jessie Richardson Hood    


Roles of MCH Section Committees


    •Educate the APHA membership about important MCH topics 
    •Contribute to the translation of research to practice by 
            ◦Reviewing abstracts for the annual APHA meeting 
            ◦Organize MCH related sessions at APHA 
            ◦Developing policy statements that link research to practice 
            ◦Advocating for change
    •Advocacy efforts and lobbying 
    •Training ground for future Section leaders

Standing Committees



Piia Hanson


Lesley Cottrell; Kim Arcoleo


Debra Jackson


Katie Baker


Evonne Nwankwo-Igomu; Gloria Giarratano;

Student Leadership

Jessie Richardson Hood


Lauren Raskin Ramos


Subject Committees


Adolescent & Young Adult Health


Michele Kelley;

Dennis Li;

Christine Bozlak

Breast Feeding

Briana Jegier


Chanda Nicole Holsey; Jennifer Marshall;

Children with Special Health Care Needs

Cynthia Cassell; Jennifer Marshall;


Elizabeth Brownell; Danielle Barradas;

Genetics & Bioethics

Penny Kyler;

Natasha Bonhomme

Health Services Research

Rada Dagher

Kristen Kjerulff

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes

Kee Chan;

Tyan Parker Dominquez;

Judith Katzburg;

Janine Lewis;


Phoebe Souza;;

Infant and Child Health

Ruth Perou;

Marianne Hillemeier

Innovations in Maternity Care

Barb Levin;

Carol Nelson;

Cecilia Wachdorf

International MCH

Lindsay Edouard;

Judy Lewis;

Pamela Surkan

Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes

Jermane Bond

Amina Alio;

Perinatal & Women’s Health

Wendy Hellerstedt;

Marjory Sable

Policy & Finance

Amy O'Malley

SIDS & Infant Mortality

Lena Camperlengo

Violence Prevention

Marti Coulter;

Lianne Estefan