Phoebe Souza

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: Washington University in St. Louis, Brown School of Social Work


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Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH: health disparities in areas such as prenatal care, prematurity / low birth weight and access to early intervention services. I am also interested in women’s reproductive health and pregnancy prevention. 


Current Research/Area of Study: I am currently a dual degree masters student in public health and social work. My current practicum is with an employment assistance program working with students at trade and vocational schools.


Accomplishments: Elected to the Student Coordinating Council at the Brown School


Current Work: I am working as a research assistant at the Health Communications Research Lab through Washington University in St. Louis.  I am currently working on a project that looks at health messages and the information environment.


Future Work: I hope to integrate social work and public health within the medical setting to reduce health disparities and improve access to prenatal care and birth outcomes. I can imagine working at a children’s hospital and I would love to work with patients as well as conduct research and program development.