Melissa C Mercado

Name:  Melissa C Mercado


School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program:  University of South Florida (USF)


Contact E-mail:


Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH:

·         Youth violence

·         Children’s health and risk behaviors

·         Hispanic children’s health


Current Research/Area of Study:

·         Study:  Community and Family Health

·         Main Research Topic:  Adolescent violence in Puerto Rico



·         2009 DC Office of the Mayor Grants Reviewer

·         2008 APHA/Public Health Education & Health Promotion Materials’ Contest Award, for NCLR’s De Blanco y Negro a Colores: Entendiendo la Depresión Project (Lead Project Coordinator)

·         2007 APHA/Public Health Education & Health Promotion Student Award

·         2007 Manuscript reviewer for the Pan American Public Health Organization

·         2006 Outstanding Student Recognition, Faculty of Biosocial Sciences and Graduate School of Public Health, Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico

·         2005 Epid. Research Award, XXVI Puerto Rico’s Annual Forum on Research and Education

·         Member by nomination of: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; Eta Sigma Gamma, Health Education Honorary Society; and the Golden Key International Honor Society

·         Published in peer-review journals, and print media

·         Research widely presented at local, national and international venues such as: APHA (2005-2009), SOPHE (2009), CDC’s MCH-EPI Conference (2009), CDC’s National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing & Media (2009), 11th Health Education and Injury Prevention Partnership Course and Field Conference – Cologne, Germany (2009),  National Hispanic Medical Association (2008), National Council of La Raza (2007-2008), 3rd Puerto Rican Public Health Conference (2007), and the XXVI Puerto Rico’s Annual Forum on Research and Education (2005).


Current Work:

·         2nd year doctoral student, Department of Community & Family Health, USF

·         Harrell Center for the Study of Family Violence, Department of Community & Family Health, University of South Florida – College of Public Health

·         Independent public health research and communications consultant


Future Work:

Melissa hopes to obtain doctoral candidacy by Fall 2010, and start her dissertation research on violence among Puerto Rico’s children.  Professionally, she’s interested in academic and research positions, while continuing serving the non-profit/community-based sector.